Handmade wall panels
Made of real hard porcelain.

Bathrooms, Kitchens, Living rooms, Wellnessareas, Fountains, Waterfall walls and Facade designs, indoor and outdoor. Wall panelling from the finest Porcelain manufactured by the only Porcelain Manufacturer in Germanys Porcelain Center in Selb-Schönwald since 1986.

Handmade wall panels made of real hard porcelain.
For the bathroom. For the kitchen.
For every living space.

Collection 2017.

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porcelain in architecture

1. Individuality.
2. Contemporary design.
3. Endless possibilities.
4. Priceless and impressively beautiful elegance.
5. Pure white a lifetime long.
6. Color through individual Handpainting.
7. The surface game: dull and shiny lightflection.
8. Extremly hard – hardness grade 7 – close to the Diamant hardness 10.
9. Insensitive and totally easy to clean.
10. Absolutely frostsafe. 100% closed surface, with or without glasing.

Porcelain. Real German Porcelain.

real german
hard porcelain

mixture of
kaolin, feldspar and quartz

at 1400 ° C

oxidizing and

dicht gebrannt

absolut wasserdicht
und frostsicher

The Queen of the ceramic Materials is the genuine very elegant hard-paste porcelain, the material used by the Porcelain manufacturers for the most elegant Tableware. The Genius of the hard porcelain, baked at 1400°C, is not too only see it, one should touch it to feel the greatness of the material.

This authenticity awakes in you the awareness that you own an original genuine hard porcelain wall – with the individuality that walllovers offers – that is pure luxury.

Bathrooms, Kitchens, Living rooms, Wellnessareas, Fountains, Waterfall walls and Facade designs, indoor and outdoor. Wall panelling from the finest Porcelain manufactured by the only Porcelain Manufacturer in Germanys Porcelain Center in Selb-Schönwald since 1986.

Guaranteed Quality from the years of experience of the personel in design, manufacturing and decoration. Reliefs are manufactured with the most innovative and modern surface treatment.
The new PSM (Porcelain Surfacing Method) fullfills just about all wishes around individuality, Creativity and Design. The individuality and creativness of Designs from wellknown contemporary Designers are done with the PS-Method, the classic Porcelain Manufacturing in form and design with the most finest hand painting specialty of Gold and Platinum painting.